28 July, 2007

So, where am I?

It's Saturday night, and I'm on duty, which means carrying around the radio and leading tours of camp and opening and closing the meals. It also means staying up til midnight to make sure that there are no stragglers breaking curfew at the welcome hut or in the staff living room. Tomorrow is our sleep-in morning, and I don't have to ring the wake-up bell until 8:30... luxurious!

I haven't written since I became head counselor*, I don't think (too lazy to check)... the upside of not posting lately is that I've been writing in my real journal (um, the paper kind) more often because I don't have to walk down to the computer hut and wait in line just to jot down a thought about my day. However, I do think I should embrace my new postion's easy access to the internet a little more than I have been doing. You know, I just really like what camp gives me: the chance to not check voicemails ('cause I don't have a phone), not check emails (because of the aforementioned line) and just generally not call anyone at all except those I need to. Why break that earlier than I have to?

On my day off this week my darling guy came to pick me up from camp (after having driving down from NJ the day before, and VT the day before that) and we spent a great day packing all our boxes into a moving van, buying our first real mattress (ca-ching! Thanks for the help, S & J) and swimming in the pool and eating Vietnamese food (thanks, Dad). I drove back to camp early in the morning after only a few hours of sleep, leaving K and K to drive the moving van up to Williamsburg. How extremely exciting to hear all about the new apartment! To start building a mental image of how many windows there are, of what the wood floors look like, of how tucked away it is... oh my gosh.

So, this is one of my favorite times, in life, in general: right before a big change. Know why I like it? Cause I like to put together this fantastic new-and-improved version of how I will live my day to day life: oh, I'll wake up refreshed in our beautiful bed and listen to something hilarious on NPR while sun streams through the window and I sip hot tea, then I'll ride my bike to the Rec center and take a pilates class, after which I'll hang out in the sauna, scrubbing away dead skin, and then I'll arrive, shining and apple-cheeked at the Montessori school, ready to begin my wonderful day teaching beautiful six-year olds how to do the crow pose. My lunch will be simple and healthy, my clothes will be from the bargain bin at the Banana Republic outlet store... and when I come home, Kenny will be sitting at the table with an impressive tome in his hand, glasses perched thoughtfully on his nose, and we'll talk all about our days, and what he's learning, and just how fascinating it all is. Then we'll go out for dinner and he'll go to the library and I'll come home and knit while watching an episode of Lost and then I'll go to bed, preferably before 10pm.

I can't wait!

*oh yeah, I got a promotion! I love love love my new job. Being part of the resource team and helping camp run smoothly makes me feel so fantastic. I love the puzzle of helping homesick kids, and I love the guidance-counselor role of helping counselors do their best possible jobs. At least, I hope that's what I'm doing. It's hard to find a balance at first between, "ooh, there's someone who shouldn't be doing that, am I on now? Do I say something now? Is it important? How can I handle that?" Of course, more often I get to say "oh, that person just did an awesome job. I should give them a thumbs up or something." Anyway, rambling now...

07 July, 2007

Almost half done...

Man, camp has got me jumping and rushing and multi-tasking to the very tip top of my best abilities. I start way before the wake-up bell clangs and finish almost always before the double digits of the p.m., after serenading, of course. I had my mid-summer evaluation with one of my Directors today, and am very very pleased (and feeling very validated) by my glowing review and the positive feedback from the staff working with me. Sweet.

The internet, though, is something I've just sort of had to let go of. As well as grammar, apparently. I just took the SITs out on their night off and due to being stuffed full of gross Mexican food and fine ice cream I am now sitting late at night in the computer hut, and there are bugs dipping past my face and flying down into my cleavage (consistently! how?) but I am determined to grind out a blog entry before I pick my way gingerly across the black trails and up to my little bed.

So. New love: this amazing woman's knitting site.

Current frustrations: tough to go to bed early (I've been getting up at 6:15am to jog (well, most days)) and no time to rest during the day. Face is breaking out. Always thirsty. But hey, that's summer, right?

Current joy: We have an apartment! I'm sending away our security deposit with Monday's mail. I have an address. In Virginia. Crazy! Exciting!

I also have a new phone number (but not a new phone- get it? It's a Skype thing). Lemme know if you want to call me.

Welcome back to the States, K & C!

I'm on Flickr a lot.

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