04 July, 2010

Calling it Quits

I've had a realization. I don't want to blog anymore. The reasons are numerous, and mainly are these:

1. Not as many people are reading as I'd like. I know, it's not very mature of me. But it's important. I don't want to be blathering into the blogosphere for eleven readers. Especially since I've been blogging here for almost 4 years. That's pathetic. Blogging sort of feels egotistical to begin with, very self-analytically masturbatory, and if no one's reading, it's even worse.

2. It's just one more loose end that I feel like I'm ignoring. I'm doing so many great things, but even if I have a great time and whatever I'm doing is blog-worthy, I feel like a failure for not taking pictures, editing them, uploading, and blogging no more than 24 hours later. I'm having much more fun reading other people's blogs, anyway. I need less on my to-do list.

3. I'm losing touch with my real journal! Seriously, the last entry in it says... July 14th 2007. THREE YEARS AGO. Oh, help. Journaling consistently since the age of eleven is one of my proudest endeavors. I have all my journals. You can't "have" a blog on the shelf, unless you're lucky enough to get your blog published, and let's face it, my best writing is scattered here amongst the "oh, I haven't blogged in a month" hurried posts. Le sigh. (Just in case you were wondering, the real written entry from three years ago begins, "Well, its my day off and I had an awesome sleep-in-- it's now 10am and I've been reading for a little while.. Harry Potter 7 is coming out in 1 week and I want to be totally ready." Truly, words worth keeping for a lifetime, no?) But its true that a blog doesn't let you write about the real, real things you need to be writing about. The stuff at the back of your mind that really deserve reflection. Maybe one of the reasons I feel at odds with myself is the lack of proper journaling. We'll see.

So, I guess this is my good-bye post, for now. I can see myself starting another blog at some point in the future, maybe a little more focused. This one has run its course. Thank you for reading!

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