25 July, 2008

Just quickly

Chilly, quit commenting on my blog and go make me my free mix already. And as for Dr. Horrible, may I just say that I've been singing the soundtrack for a good week now?

Bad horse, bad horse, bad horse, bad horse!
He rides across the nation, the thoroughbred of sin...

Ok, off to the beach.

20 July, 2008

Musings on being done with camp (for the year)

Hmm. It's sad because:
1. I'll miss my friends there.
2. I'll miss having funny/moving/wacko conversations with kids.
3. Truth be told, as much as I moan about it, I love having meals prepared for me, and now I have to cook for myself again, which also means buying groceries again, which brings me to...
4. I'll miss not ever, ever touching my wallet all week long. Nothing to buy, no bills (well, kinda), no real-world worries.
5. I kinda like forgetting about my cell phone, and now that it's back in my life I'm feeling a bit begrudging of it.
6. No more mountain air, mountain sunrises and sunsets, mountain trails, or campfire smells. :(
7. No more tie-dyed hands!!!

It's okay because:
1. I know I'll be back again next year.
2. Now I can eat or not eat, depending on when I'm hungry or not, instead of being all Pavlovian and just salivating at the sound of a bell.
3. I'm back in the world of Movies! iTunes! Free time!
4. Also, a Boyfriend!
5. I get to finally shut up and work on getting my voice back before I head off on...
6. My 3 week trip to Eastern Europe to study folk music! Tre exotique!
7. No more tie-dyed hands!!!

So, because I can, and because (frankly) I find all-text entries to be boring and a bit undermining of the magnificent MacBook I currently have superheating my legs, please enjoy a few choice photos documenting my time at camp this year.

How about some stuff I made?
A batiked top, in plum, wisteria, and midnight blue:

A detail from a batiked bandana:

The discovery class that I led, polymer clay, made things to stick to glass votives:

And I made the perfect cerulean blue flowers to stick to these wasabi-colored beads:

I found a camp bed-sized sheet and batiked leaves down each side. Then I was extra warm at night.

I batiked a skirt! My first real successful 2-layer batik. First wax on white, then dye the whole thing bright-ass orange, then waxing new lines and dyeing the whole thing a slightly darker orange. I looooove it.

Ah, Shibori headscarves. The staple of the crafts world at camp. The one on the left is shibori-dyed rainbow stripes (I didn't twist hard enough), the one on the right I dyed in greens and then waxed like crazy and dyed deep navy.

HOORAY for my 1st semi-solid yarn dying job! I really like how these came out. Did you know you can order undyed Wildfoote yarn from dharmatrading.com? And tons of other brand name yarns as well, come to that. I mean, I already know what I'm doing next summer.

And I only finished one knitted project while at camp. Presenting a scarf for one of you men in my life, but you won't find out who until Xmas. So quit thinking about it.

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03 July, 2008

It's been awhile...

Sorry, blog. Camp is working out just fine, with the usual minor irritants and the major fun. Nights and evenings off with friends are what keeps me going, as well as campfires at night when I finally get to sit down and knit. The kids this session are pretty much fine. A lot of my old faves are back to work as SITs (which is nuts) and it's great to hear their memories of being a kid here. I'm just a little down these days because we had a tragedy in the community (a very special baby died), and the Bong Tree is, as usual, a major time suck (one of the busiest places at camp, and the kids love it, so it's worth it). I'm just up there allllll day long.

More soon! Tomorrow is our big USA celebration, and we're all prepping for that. So! Gotta go prep the Treasure Boxes for afternoon classes. More soon. I have written, I just haven't uploded.

I'm on Flickr a lot.

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