18 May, 2009

This is what I've got for y'all: 1 month

It's getting easier and easier to move the hoop up and down my body. Knee hooping continues to evade me. I can take alternate arms in and out, but it's tentative at this point-- more practice is needed! I do the "revolving door" quite a bit in this video mainly because I haven't filmed myself doing it yet and wanted to see what it looks like. I'm also working on hooping to my opposite direction (or "current") but I plum forgot while trying to shoot this before my camera battery died. It also imported in a format incompatible with iMovie so what you see here is uncut-- try to enjoy the times I drop it/sling it almost into my neighbor's shrubs.


17 May, 2009

A massive blog post, overdue

I made a to-do list last night at way past midnight, because I just wasn't sleepy yet and Kenny was still up too, attempting to fix my incommunicado iPhone. It actually was quite a scene, complete with sharp kitchen knife and insufficient lighting. I avoided trouble by making to-do lists and casting a discriminatory eye over the trouble brewing on my desk. Now that the Master's Degree Shiznit is almost over, I can start thinking about a rehaul of the massive amounts of papers that currently clog my desktop(s), both real and computery.

So on that to-do list was "do a catch-up blog post" and of course that sounds like way more fun than completing old Brain Gym homework so that I can finally get my certificate. Here we go, then:



DSC07206 copy
Last weekend I went to Prescott, AZ one last time to present my thesis work at Colloquium. See, don't we look happy to be almost done? I stayed in a cabin (again) with Gina & Maria (again) which proved to be an excellent idea (again). Love renting cabins in Prescott. Definitely the cheapest and most relaxing option, although couchsurfing that one time was pretty awesome, too. At the cabins, though, we can walk to school and all around town, which makes the weekend all the more special.

I finished TWO pairs of socks while listening to all the presentations and on the planes coming back:
My 1st picot edge; yarn from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm (bought at MDSW 2008)

Laurie's "Secret Power Socks," made by special request for taking the MCAT.

For some reason, I always get more knitting done faster at Colloquium than anywhere else. Sort of sad that I won't be going to them anymore! I'll also seriously miss getting to see all my new MAP buddies all in one place. Also, I really love the weather there and how light and fresh the air feels. Plus the deliciousness of The Raven cafe, one of my favorite eateries ever. Here are our celebratory orange-pomegranate mimosas, so cold and perfect:


When I got back, I had only 3 days of work before a luxurious 4-day weekend, which was spent hosting my soon-to-be brother-in-law (can't have enough brothers, eh?) and having an absolute blast doing every possible activity one can do in Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. Soccer, go-carts, Ghost Walk, aquarium, kite-flying, beach jogging, many meals out, many meals cooked in, picnicing all over the place... it was pretty awesome. For all the pictures, go to Kenny's comprehensive Flickr set.

(I also spent a happy evening out with Kenny, in which we decided to live it up in full VA Beach style and drink tequila and walk around on the beach in the dark. Ah, love.)

11 May, 2009

Aaaughh! Happy Mother's Day!

My phone has been crippled lately by intermittent periods of NO SIGNAL. It surprises me by suddenly having signal when I take it out of my bag to check, and then when I excitedly start dialing a number it all of a sudden says NO SIGNAL. Hmph. Perhaps it has developed a condition which allows it to communicate with a tower only when it is tucked safely away in the darkness of a bag? It works for my pocket, too, apparently.

So I tried, during one of these after-dark periods, to call my Mom. A few seconds into, "hello? Hello??" and it cut off, so I have to say this here:

This veggie sandwich, priced at a lofty $8 at the Phoenix airport, represents my love for you. Made of simple ingredients, yet somehow so perfect when put all together on some nine grain bread. May your decorative toothpick always stand tall, Mom! May you have extra pesto mayonnaise, enough to cover all of your cucumbers forever! And may the lemon cookie on the side* tide you over through all your overnight flights to come! I love you!

*some of you probably looked for the lemon cookie, but it is not pictured. This is because I am a grown-up and may eat my dessert before dinner, if I like.

03 May, 2009

Oh, and also: BAAAAA!

Back from MDSW...

...and boy is my wallet tired! Ha. Just kidding, I budgeted pretty well. I was ready for the onslaught of pretty and soft, after last year's maiden voyage. First up, the yarn purchases!

Lame-o colors in a really great yarn for an even better price: sock yarn mill ends from Cherry Tree Hill, soon to be overdyed. Muahahhh.

More of my favorite Acero, from Brooks Farm (soon to be a Woodland Shawl for my self.)

Finally found the perfect "midnight purple" blue to go with my goldenrod-colored Koigu. Mmm, the things they could be together...

Because I wanted to try something from Shelridge Farms last year, but didn't get a chance. Eh?

Loved the display mitten so bought the yarn! Lovely Green Mountain Spinnery. I want to work there someday.

These people (The Bransonas) were nice. It was close to the end of the day. Liked the colors. Probably shouldn't have bought more sock yarn, though....

Oh my god, splurrrrge! It was the very end of the day, and Holly was buying one... I love it I love it I love it. Isn't it pretty?! Here, you need a detail shot:
Oh yes, pumpkiny pumpkin deliciousness. Let's see, what else? Oh yeah, roving for needle felting projects with the kids at school:
1st big fiber purchase

And I got a mug and a pair of earrings from Jennie the Potter, who was nice beyond belief and with whom I'm totally going to do a last minute interview for my thesis chapter on clay-- if she has a sec. And we can't forget the lamb kabob, kettle corn, maple sugar candies and (though I'll admit it, pretty gross) soft serve with a peanut-butter flavored dip top. It didn't digest so well, probably cause there wasn't much real food in it.

So when I laid out all this new yarn to be photographed and dutifully entered into Ravelry, I realized something...

Why yes, I am a Unitarian Universalist, how ever did you know?

01 May, 2009

Week 2's video, a few days earlier than expected

Because today I leave for MDSW, and wanted to show you that I can ALMOST CORKSCREW!

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr