11 May, 2009

Aaaughh! Happy Mother's Day!

My phone has been crippled lately by intermittent periods of NO SIGNAL. It surprises me by suddenly having signal when I take it out of my bag to check, and then when I excitedly start dialing a number it all of a sudden says NO SIGNAL. Hmph. Perhaps it has developed a condition which allows it to communicate with a tower only when it is tucked safely away in the darkness of a bag? It works for my pocket, too, apparently.

So I tried, during one of these after-dark periods, to call my Mom. A few seconds into, "hello? Hello??" and it cut off, so I have to say this here:

This veggie sandwich, priced at a lofty $8 at the Phoenix airport, represents my love for you. Made of simple ingredients, yet somehow so perfect when put all together on some nine grain bread. May your decorative toothpick always stand tall, Mom! May you have extra pesto mayonnaise, enough to cover all of your cucumbers forever! And may the lemon cookie on the side* tide you over through all your overnight flights to come! I love you!

*some of you probably looked for the lemon cookie, but it is not pictured. This is because I am a grown-up and may eat my dessert before dinner, if I like.

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