18 May, 2009

This is what I've got for y'all: 1 month

It's getting easier and easier to move the hoop up and down my body. Knee hooping continues to evade me. I can take alternate arms in and out, but it's tentative at this point-- more practice is needed! I do the "revolving door" quite a bit in this video mainly because I haven't filmed myself doing it yet and wanted to see what it looks like. I'm also working on hooping to my opposite direction (or "current") but I plum forgot while trying to shoot this before my camera battery died. It also imported in a format incompatible with iMovie so what you see here is uncut-- try to enjoy the times I drop it/sling it almost into my neighbor's shrubs.


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Robin Marie said...

Safire (I'm 90% sure it's her) has a great knee hooping tutorial on Youtube. I felt so silly when I saw it...like, duh!

Your chest and shoulder hooping is great! Between my boobs and my fatty dreadlocks I'm having a hell of a time with the upper body hooping. Was there something in particular that enlightened you, or just a ton of practice?

I LOVE the song, and the cute pose at the very end. So much fun:) Also, did I hear Cat Empire coming up next? I hoop to them a lot! Lonely Moon is a fun one.

Great job! It's so much fun to watch your updates:)

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