04 June, 2009


I've been trying to psych myself up to blog lately, but it's just not coming. I've been taking pictures of various things, thinking, "I want to make a post about this," and even sort of writing it in my head, but... eh, I've got so much else to do. The blog can wait.

Some things:

1. I've been revising my thesis a lot, working off of a hard copy that my 3rd reader read meticulously. There are corrections on every single page, I kid you not. Typety typety type type type...

2. School (the kind where I work, not study) is almost over! One more week, which shall include many "last" lessons of various types, a closing ceremony wherein I lead a group of very smart children in singing "People Now Our Meeting is Over" (a shout-out to GV folks, indeed) and playing guitar for various small-group performances.

3. Starting with my Grandma's memorial service a few weekends ago and its legendary dessert buffet, I have been gaining weight like crazy. I'm talking seven pounds in a week and a half, dear god have mercy. This is very depressing, especially since I've been going to the gym and walking early in the morning and hooping and and and... I think it's an understatement to say that it's much easier for my body to gain weight than burn it off. I think I re-figure this out every month or so and renew my resolve to eat fewer calories, only to crack under the pressure of lime bars and pita chips and snacks with the kids in the afternoons. Blah. Bring on summer camp, where we all have perpetual quasi-nausea from the sheer insanity of the dining hall.

4. I found a very sweet family to nanny for part-time next year. I'll be doing After School in the afternoons as usual, and hanging out with Baby Joe in the mornings. Nice. :)

5. For the first time in awhile, my hair is free of all artificial colorants. I discovered a few natural streaks of very light brown around my temples, and I now check them out in the mirror several times a day. Hmm. I wonder if that's where I'll start going grey?

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Robin Marie said...

Weight is a PITA! I slave and slave away to lose weight, but the second I even think about stopping I gain a ton. I feel ya! My new approach is "so long as I feel healthy, I am healthy." If you're exercising and hooping and whatnot, you're doin' good!

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