07 July, 2007

Almost half done...

Man, camp has got me jumping and rushing and multi-tasking to the very tip top of my best abilities. I start way before the wake-up bell clangs and finish almost always before the double digits of the p.m., after serenading, of course. I had my mid-summer evaluation with one of my Directors today, and am very very pleased (and feeling very validated) by my glowing review and the positive feedback from the staff working with me. Sweet.

The internet, though, is something I've just sort of had to let go of. As well as grammar, apparently. I just took the SITs out on their night off and due to being stuffed full of gross Mexican food and fine ice cream I am now sitting late at night in the computer hut, and there are bugs dipping past my face and flying down into my cleavage (consistently! how?) but I am determined to grind out a blog entry before I pick my way gingerly across the black trails and up to my little bed.

So. New love: this amazing woman's knitting site.

Current frustrations: tough to go to bed early (I've been getting up at 6:15am to jog (well, most days)) and no time to rest during the day. Face is breaking out. Always thirsty. But hey, that's summer, right?

Current joy: We have an apartment! I'm sending away our security deposit with Monday's mail. I have an address. In Virginia. Crazy! Exciting!

I also have a new phone number (but not a new phone- get it? It's a Skype thing). Lemme know if you want to call me.

Welcome back to the States, K & C!


Karen said...

hey lady! my theory about bugs dive-bombing cleavage is that the nook between boobs looks like the promising gullet of a flower to those fractal-visioned flying dooders.

Apropos of nothing: did you know that there is a Buffy Season 8? It's in comic book form, it's by Joss Whedon, and it hits the spot.


Jonathan Craig said...

I want to call you! I tried once before when you came back to the states. I know it has been too long. Lets catch up!
amor, Jonathan

I'm on Flickr a lot.

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