16 July, 2009

What blog?

Ohai! I has a blog?

It's full-on summer camp up in here, which it should be, since July in the South cannot get any better than it does at GV. Fresh corn on the cob from our farm at (every single) meal, friendly faces to gossip with, great kid-friendly but funny-to-grown-ups conversations taking place right over the kids' heads... and tie-dye. Lots. Of. Tie-dye. Day in, day out. You'll find me at the washing machines, removing multi-colored rubber bands and adding more detergent.

For a hilarious and grimmace-worthy account of what I narrowly missed by getting to camp just 3 weeks later than everyone else, please go read my friend Sarah's blog. Her writing is too, too funny, especially if you know her and can picture her reading it aloud in her sing-song Southern voice.

So yeah, I'm not too frequently on the computer these days, which is nice. Last night I slept on another staff member's floor with two big hits of Tylenol PM and two earplugs and two electric fans, hoping to catch up on the sleep I had been so dearly missing. And ca-ching, I got it! Nine solid hours, surprisingly comfy and right at home on my 2-inch thick plastic mattress. Today I feel great, and went swimming in the lake at 7:00 am and then hiking to go pick blackberries after morning cluster. They're sitting on a plate on my bed, ready to be attacked at dinner time. I have the most excellent table group this session, with chatterbox children and slyly sarcastic grown-ups with whom I have lots in common. This afternoon I teach two one-hour hula hoop making sessions, with an assistant who long ago was a child in my cabin when I was in my 2nd year working here. She is now a lovely young adult who is also freaking hilarious and a kind soul, and I'm so glad we get to work together. After dinner tonight, I'm teaching an extended "Twilight Play" session of basket-making, which will be peaceful to the max.

Feel the love,

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