13 June, 2010

We are so lucky to have this new restaurant!

Today Kenny and I ran our big loop again (we estimate between 4.5 and 5 miles), and afterwards we swung by Friends Cafe in downtown Williamsburg, next to the library, for an iced coffee.

We walked in, though, and hey! The place has changed hands and is now called Koge. It's billed as Korean/Latin fusion and it. is. Amazing.

awesome kim chee from Koge!

The space is clean and modern, with incredibly delicious sounding offerings, mainly Korean style but offered in a lot of choice ways. We weren't hungry yet, but couldn't walk away from all-of-a-sudden-here's-a-hip-new-eatery Korean fare, so we ordered a few different fresh veggie options, including the homemade kim chee (which was perfect, and we have high standards), the scallion green salad, and another crunchy, perfectly spiced dish simply called "pickled Asian slaw." We loved that it came in little black to-go boxes, which helps if you're trying to do some portion control and eat half your food later.

mmm, Koge! new restaurant in the 'burg.

The guys who own and run the place, Sam and his cousin (Phil?), are frankly worried that without the college kids around, and being all of two blocks away from the tourist traffic, their yummy ship might sink. If you're planning on visiting Williamsburg or know anyone who is, or hey, if you live here, please go by on a lunch break and check them out. Sadly, what they have oodles of in menu planning, they seem to be lacking in PR. No web results, no signage, no Facebook page. What gives? Hopefully, the guys will pull things around and do a little more to get all those hoardes of hungry tourists out of the crowded coffee shops and into Koge.

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