19 August, 2007

Coming 'round the bend

The end is near. Our 1st colloquium is almost done. I am sitting beside a stack of neatly bound papers stapled to their cover sheets: the ginormous, broadly scoped "Study Plans for Graduate Study as a Whole" and the more detailed, bibliographied "Study Plan for First Semester Fall 2007."

My cohorts and I are Freshmen to the extreme: out to dinner last night but back at our desks by 10pm, our heads whipping back and forth from computer screens to the APA handbook to scattered piles of handwritten reminders... Up again at 6 this morning to squeeze out finishing touches, with the sun's first rays washing out our screens. Then off to the library to print it all out in duplicate, and the satisfying ker-CHUNK of the stapler. Ker-CHUNK. So THERE.

And now, I think, to go turn it in. Where, oh where, is my advisor?

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