15 August, 2007

Potlucking with the PhD's

Greetings, gentle readers, and welcome to a new installation of my life. This chapter shall be called

"New town, new school, new home, new life."

And it feels almost that dramatic, but in a nice way, in a sort of "I planned this all out way in advance" kind of way. Right now I'm in Prescott, Arizona, a place I've contemplated going since halfway through college, to begin my 1st weekend colloquium for my Masters degree. It took me all day to get from one coast to the other (since for some reason I was routed through Minneapolis/St Paul) and when the shuttle from the airport finally dropped me at the Prescott bus station, I was really ready to move around. I strapped on Old Orange Faithful (the backpack that got me around SE Asia) and walked the short couple of miles to the campus, which is teeny tiny but beautiful, in a very desert-ish way. Immediately I felt like I was at Warren Wilson, because everyone I saw was beautiful in a co-op, yoga class sort of way, and all very fit and tan and dressed creatively. I was shown to the house where I'll be staying for the weekend; it's yellow.

My roommate arrived (Megan from Northampton, Mass!) and we commiserated and compared journeys from the east coast and time differences. Together, we decided to crash (in a nice way) the PhD's potluck (since it was happening in the house kitchen) and the next few hours were filled with inspiring, interesting conversation with people from all over the country who are here to do amazing, inspiring things. I'm already full of ideas and orientation doesn't even start until 7:30 tomorrow morning.

It feels like it's almost midnight, but it's only the shamefully early hour of 9pm. I'm going to bed anyway. Tomorrow we learn what it is exactly that we're doing here!

Oh yeah, also:
-Kenny and I moved into our new apartment and we LOVE it!
-I start work at the Montessori school next week
-I bought a bicycle to get me from home to work every day (weather permitting) and around town to the library and yarn store and what not. It's beautiful. Check out the glamour shot:

(It's the Amsterdam model from Electra. Want one? Check 'em out.)

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Karen said...

hey, sexy bike! woo woo!

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr