06 December, 2007

Before I Die List

Things I'd still like to do someday:

-Speak another language fluently, or as close as possible.

-Own my own business, or co-own with other artists: "(name of city) Women's Craft Collective," big old warehouse/barn type space, different studios inside for diff. crafts, lease out studio space, have "living room" type space in the middle with couches and a woodstove for hanging out & relaxing. In front is little shop where people can buy the stuff they see being made (collective is open to school groups & other small tours). Big emphasis on education & sharing. Profitable but only just enough.

-Be in great enough shape to lead Pilates/aerobics classes. Or run 1/2 marathon, or something monumental.

-Live overseas again.

-Be a mom to a kid that genuinely likes me. (All Moms feel free to laugh at this one.)

-Design and manage a crafts program at a summer camp or boarding school.

-Work and live at a boarding school or small college.

-Get back into modern dance.

-Have amazing, homey, primarily wooden sunny plant-filled house, tall and angular (as opposed to ranch style), possibly on side of mountain. Definitely filled with homemade items.

(more later, I am due to play buddy tag with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders outside).

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Brown Berry said...

I'm so glad I came out here to comment. Your things to do before you die list is AWESOME. I really should make one of those, and would probably repeat a good 1/3 of your list in mine. Cool to come by here and find out we so much in common. I actually thought about starting a podcast called The Creative Collective. Hmmm. Great minds...

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