07 December, 2007

Overheard from little mouths

The children at our school take turns being the teacher's assistant when it's time to pick up and drop off their lunch cart. This week it is N.'s turn, a pudgy seven year old girl, who makes her wishes very clear to anyone within earshot.

Overheard so far this week:

[teacher is fiddling with cart, N is looking at pile of books on table]
N: Um, excuse me but whose books are these?
[teacher continues to fiddle]
N: 'Cause I like this one.
[teacher pushes lunch cart towards door]
N: [follows begrudgingly] Hmph.

[teacher is pushing cart into lunch room, N spies plate of cookies left over from Parent Coffee this morning]
N: Miss M, what kind of cookies are these?
Miss M: [looks briefly, with pointed disinterest] I don't know, looks like oatmeal raisin.
N: Oh, I LOVE oatmeal raisin!
[teacher walks away]
N: Hmph.

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