01 March, 2008


My new favorite tool is Google Reader. There are dozens of blogs I enjoy checking in on, and now instead of trying to file them all in my bookmarks folders I have them all organized in one smart, efficient place. I just click on Reader from my homepage (which is my Google account anyway, since I use Calendar and Docs and whatnot already) and see whose blog is in bold. There's the little number of how many new posts there are. Of course, 85% of the blogs I read are knitting blogs, so the main change Reader has brought about are the million and a half amazing projects I've been drooling over on these amazing knitters' blogs (like yarnbee's Fiddlehead mittens, by HelloYarn, which would have taken me a month to come across by myself).

Anyway, the other 15% are non-knitting friends' blogs, including my new favorite, All Things Beautiful, by my lovely and amazing friend Alex. Her writings really resonate with me, possibly because she's my friend and a kindred spirit, possibly because she has a 9 year old and I deal with them every day, possibly because she is at a place with her yoga that I see myself reaching towards someday. So thanks, Alex.

Last night Kenny and I watched Little Children, which I had picked out, and he had decidedly not picked out, probably because of its lack of anything to do with zombies and/or Joss Whedon (the man has standards, and who could blame him). But he loved it, and, I must quote, said that it was "the best thing without special effects" he's seen in a long time. So, yay for a movie that I picked that he generally liked. Never mind that I was completely creeped out by the character of the molester guy. Even Kate Winslet, who normally makes me very happy, couldn't cheer me up after his creepy little perverted eyes had looked (sort of) into ours. Blechh. I did love the narration and the style of the film, and thought Jennifer Connelly was awesome even though she had about 15 minutes total of screen time.

Ok, I'm at the library trying to write a paper that's due in 48 hours. Somehow, I have the Spring IK beside me. Hmm. This might get messy.

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