23 March, 2008

It's Spring!

New mittens for me:

Anemoi Mittens, in Baby Ull and Gjestal sock yarn, size M.

Spring has me looking forward. My mind floats around and settles on things that are not yet here: being back at camp and teaching tie-dye in the cabin up on top of the hill...

The six beautiful skeins of Silky Wool in carrot-red that I've had such a crush on and cannot wait to knit up into a light little cardigan...

And, someday, owning a sweet, happy little Corgi that will run around my sun-filled yard while I tend to my bell jar-covered seedlings...

...I guess my brain hasn't fixed on one specific period of time to fantasize about. For today, I managed to wax my legs (hello, Spring!) and work a lot of my sweater, which has a self-imposed due date of Before April 4th. Really, I should be doing school work, but I have a whole week until my paper is due... and I already folded laundry, so I have earned some time off for good behavior. Ha.

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