28 April, 2008

Running breakthrough

This morning I woke up a little groggy from yet another night of strange, intense dreams. To clear my head, I went for my usual training jog, but this morning I decided to set my Nike+iPod thingy to 5k as my goal. And I ran it! Without stopping!

So I have officially reached my goal, but I'm not going to stop yet, because the race I'm signing up for is still several weeks away, and I'd like to try to improve my time (well, I'd really just like for the last kilometer or so to feel a little easier) so I'm going to keep pushing it.

I gotta admit... it feels great to have done something I couldn't do before. But I need to come clean about something: I have a paper to write that was due a week ago. I need to get that in ASAP... I guess sometimes you can't win 'em all.

Off to the playground!

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notmy said...

Dah! Goodspeed on that paper. Just think how nice it'll feel once you've filed it. I'm having a post-paper mellow morning, feeling unusually entitled to take it easy. Yawnmnehmneh.

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