25 May, 2008

House sitting

A family that we know and love went out of town for Memorial Day weekend, and I am house sitting in their perfect, cozy, woodsy home. This weekend has been like a vacation so far, primarily because I'm not surrounded by my own stuff. But also because:

1.The Knitting Sisters had their big Memorial Day Sale, in which everything in the store is at least 20% off, and I had fun buying yarn for several secret projects and some not-so-secret but still exciting ones that I hope to get to at some point this summer. For example, for the Lace Ribbon Scarf from this season's Knitty, I bought this Soft Sea Wool:

2. Today Shodo and I went for a long walk through Colonial Williamsburg. I am not a dog owner, so I really enjoyed getting to show off this super sweet doggy to all the passersby. Also, I got her a cup of water from Subway and it was very cute when she drank it.

3. Yesterday morning Julie and I ran the Girls On The Run/ Chik-fil-A* 5k, which in theory I have been training for for about 15 weeks now. Julie and I run a 5k every Monday evening and usually get around 33 minutes for 3.1 miles. I know this is sllllooow for the running world, but the fact that I can run 3 miles is sort of enough for me right now. I was hoping to beat that time in the official 5k (the one we paid for), but the course was hilly and I started off fast and I ended up finishing at 36 minutes. But with all the weaving around people, I ended up running 3.48 miles, so that helps my ego. Plus that fast first mile was 9:45, which is the fastest mile I've run yet. Sometimes running seems to be all about numbers. [Kind of like knitting. How funny that I am so attracted to these hobbies yet grew up "hating" math?] Anyway, I'm sort of still disappointed in myself about the 36 minutes, but mainly because I got a stitch in my side and cramps in my right calf and I was very whiny about them as we finished our last half a mile. Julie, sorry. Good thing you're a 2nd grade teacher.

*Speaking of disappointment, and being whiny: you'd think a race sponsored by Chik-fil-A would have some chicken afterwards, right?? Wrong. We got almost nothing: a bottle of water and our choice of a dry bagel or a tiny fruit cup. Oh, and we got to spin a wheel to see what kind of coupon we would receive. Come on, MegachickenCorp., what gives? I paid $27 for the race and I know my t-shirt didn't cost that much.

4. Tonight I get to go have a knit night with friends M & E. Hooray for no school tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats for finishing your first 5k! They should've rained nuggets at the end. For sure.

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