27 August, 2008

You're free, little pictures!

Oh my god. That took forever. Please, go look through my Ukraine pictures and make me feel like all that work was worthwhile.

Week 1: Arrival in Kiev, traveling to the Carpathians, rehearsing and playing around in Verkhovina

Week 2: Moving it back to the center of Ukraine, living in Kovalin and roaming around to lots of small "museums."

Week 3: Finishing up our homestays, moving to Vorzel (outside Kiev), big times in the big city


chris michel said...

Beautiful! It's all so strangely familiar, and yet not...

Gina said...

oh hey girl! i didn't know you had a blog! hooray! i can't wait to read it all! czech me out, lady: sosilkysoround.blogspot.com

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