10 September, 2008

Musings on a Wednesday evening

I have two big political blog entries stewing in my head, but now is not the time to write them. For now, I have a bowl of fat free ice cream (say nay all you like, naysayers, but it's good treat for me right now), and I just came back from Ellen's house and our grad-school-girls' knit night. Ellen has a hedgehog, which pooped on me (!). How many of you can say your left thigh has been the landing pad for a hedgehog turd? Anybody? That's what I thought.

Also, I coached a lot of kids through lots of grief today. Someone's best friend wanted to play with other people today, and many tears were shed. I felt like a very calm, wise saint as I gently rubbed backs and spoke softly of new friends who were surely right around the bend. Also, someone attempted to go across the big kids' monkey bars today, and almost made it, but fell right at the end. I did the same back rubbing routine while speaking softly (with much praise for simply trying!) about how big risks can come with great rewards as well as great sorrows.

I'm really liking the simple combination of me, my iPod, and my bicycle in the mornings. i finally figured out that I don't have to bike to work in my actual work clothes (which renders me sweaty and embarrassed when I arrive at work), and the freedom of biking in gym clothes makes me bike harder, faster, better. It feels awesome. Plus, the weather is finally showing mercy and cooling off-- oh my god, Fall, I can feel you right around the corner. Please, come soon.

I just stumbled across photographer Jenny Jimenez's website. If you live in Seattle, you should hire her, because I wish I could.

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Kim said...

Nice to hear from you again! I too have been gnashing my teeth together to avoid a political rant...I know it will all end in November, but it feels like that is a lifetime away.

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