11 October, 2008

Why does my neck hurt so much?

The answer is this:

The xray on the bottom is a sample of what a healthy neck curvature is supposed to look like when you're just looking straight ahead. The top three slides are my neck, and what it looks like (from left to right) when I'm looking down, looking straight ahead, and looking up. Notice that the one on the right, when my chin is lifted to the sky, is almost like the normal "straight ahead" slide. Oh, dear.

This also answers the questions "why are car wrecks bad for you?" and "why should I go to the chiropractor?" [The car wreck was almost 10 years ago now, and I had been going to the chiropractor... just not recently. And not with any amount of frequency.]

So, I guess I'm back on track, now that I'm going again (ca-ching). I do feel a heck of a lot better already, after only two visits. I'm not going to whine about how much it costs, because many people have it a lot worse than I do-- I've never broken a bone or had any major illnesses (knock on laptop). I am giving up going to LEAF, though, in solidarity with my checking account. Le sigh. But it's beautiful here now! I can, perhaps, camp out in my own backyard and blare my Duhks CD (love!!!) and make myself a pesto crepe and pretend that I'm there. Anyone want to come to a contra dance in my kitchen?

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Can the chiropractor re-torque your neck?

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