11 October, 2008

Six months in the making!!

(Well, minus the whole summer, when I did absolutely no work on it whatsoever).

May I present:

My Silky Wool Cardigan.
Yarn: Silky Wool by Elsbeth Lavold, just over 5 skeins
Pattern: My own, just simply based on my measurements
Needles: KnitPicks Options size 6 (circular, but knit back and forth)
Buttons: bought in the fabric market in District 5, HCMC, Vietnam (a few years ago)

It fits perfectly. The Silky Wool did block out a bit bigger than i thought it would (didn't wash my gauge swatch... ahem) but it's okay. Longer is better. The button holes did prove to be a little wonky in their placement, but who cares. I like how the blue makes the orange seem a little more red and the result sort of reminds me of long underwear, for some reason.



** alex ** said...

That looks awesome! I'm finally branching out from crochet to knitting ... home-made socks, here I come!

Lori said...

w00t! congratulations! :^D)

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