01 November, 2008

Before and After: An Organizational Contest!

(I've been meaning to start this thing for weeks now. I wish I could say it's the school work that's been keeping me busy... but no. Just life. So I'll just post this, and then I'll get down to some school work. I'm just sure of it.)

Before and After: A Contest!

(or: my 1st meme)

What: a little something for crafters of any persuasion, or writers, even. Anyone who has a stash, or a drawer full of tools, or a shelf where you just keep tossing all the bits and pieces of paraphernalia that go with your chosen line of crafting.

When: Now until the end of November. That's right, one month. You can do it next weekend, if you want, or the day before (American) Thanksgiving. Or on (American) Election night, to keep yourself distracted. Sorry this is so Ameri-centric so far. hang on... (googles Canadian and British holidays in November). Okay, do it for Remembrance day on November 11th!

How: Go snap a photo of what your work space looks like right now. Then, give it an overhaul, be it major or minor. Get those needles arranged by size and rubber-band them together! Refold and restack all your fabric! Arrange anything by color, and get rid of anything you're never really going to use. Really, you can take this as far as you want. Think of it as an airing of the stash, or an investigational search into stuff you've already bought (since the economic times, they are uncertain).

AND THEN: Take a picture of your shiny new organized life. Comment here, on this entry, and provide a link to your before and after pics. Enjoy yourself.

THE PRIZE: A brand-spanking new calendar by Franklin Habit: that's right, it's Guys With Yarn!

And now, to show you my own before and after shots.
before, detail
Ahhh! It's a snake pit! And how many size 2 Addi Turbos are in there*?

And after:
Sooo much better. And look what I got myself:
Neat, eh? *The answer: three. Oops! Wish I had organized before buying... all three times...

Now, go organize!

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