15 November, 2008


Hokay! I have a huge piece of my thesis draft due on Monday (in 48 hours), so what better time to blog? I do have some stuff to catch up on. As usual, click any photo to embiggen.

Oldest first: Halloween. We didn't do much, but there was a spontaneous creation of dead hands (old gloves) dripping blood (pasta sauce), which scared the trick-or-treaters (teenagers not even in costume traveling in packs).
Halloween at our apt.
Halloween at our apt.
Halloween at our apt.

Next up: just in case you wanted to see my ring, here it is! I think Kenny did a great job picking out something that is thankfully blingless, with a great pattern that reminds me of fibers, combed and braided:
My engagement ring!
And a congratulations card from two Upper Elementary students (sweet!)
from some sweet kids

I've also been feeling the all-too-familiar itch of Startitis, that classic malady of knitters with way too much time on their hands, or in most cases, not enough time at all. I figure it's not as if they'll go bad if you start them early, right? I can finish later. Much later. I have been finishing things, but they're all Xmas gifts, so I can't blog them yet. Alas. Here's what I've been starting:
Longways Noro, with white Pastaza to show it off
Phiaro scarf begun
Top: a longways scarf in Noro Kureyon and the very soft Cascade Pastaza. I plan on dropping a few stitches at each edge before I bind off to make easy fringe (one of my favorite new techniques, which I learned from making the Loop d'Loop Hat from Chris Bylsma).
Bottom: the amazing Phiaro scarf, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw the pattern, and then found some perfect yarn at 40% when I was in Arizona last weekend. You just cast on 195 stitches, knit stockinette for 22", then do this stitch dropping thing which you should probably buy the pattern for. Yay. :)


chris michel said...

Very cool ring! That is downright beautiful.

also: that's not a real pumpkin. Is that a real pumpkin? It's made of foam, right? Or, is that real? It looks awesome. It's foam, right? Is it real? Did you really carve that?

Sharon said...

Beautiful ring! Congrats!

I, too, am working on my thesis. My first full draft is due on Thurs - eep!!! So, I'm blogging, instead. Great minds think alike.

I'm on Flickr a lot.

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