27 December, 2008

Xmas Knitting: Family Edition

Aaaand I'm back! Since Thanksgiving break, I've been sick over and over, first with some terrible bronchial snotty thing, than the stomach flu that all the elementary schoolers got at once, and then back to major bronchitis (plus a fever that just wouldn't quit until I beat it down with antibiotics) over Xmas week. So here we are, just one day away from the end of the year, and I finally feel well enough to do the standard-issue FO posts, which are a very, very long time in coming seeing as most of these gifts have been done for weeks. If not months. I planned real good this year, thanks in large part to Marce's brainchild, the Year-Long Gift-a-Long. (Knitters! Crocheters! Sign up for '09!)

1. Socks for Mom. Basic stats: two at a time, toe up on one 40" circlular needle, size 2 (I think). Heelless! No heels! I like this.

2. Hat for Chris L. Basic 2x2 rib, 100% wool sent to me from Sera Star almost a year ago. Nice and wooly warm for his cold life in Madison, WI.

3. Scarf for Chris M. All the best in browns, tans, charcoals. Suave. My 1st foray into the madness that is the Noro striped scarf; there shall be more in my future.

4. Shawl for Keto: an absolute dream to knit in Cascade Venezia Worsted. Within a few rounds this yarn had shot up to somewhere high on my favorites list. (Thanks to one of my 5th graders for modeling!)

5. Felted Bag for Karen: I wanted to make this for so long. Last Xmas, I rushed out and bought the book from Charlotte Yarn, and it took me until Election Day to cast on. I bought all the findings at the Windsor Button in Boston, which was almost as fun as actually knitting it.

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Karen said...

BTW, I've been toting that bag everywhere. I heart it grate(ful)ly.

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Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr