04 January, 2009

2008 Knits in Review

Oh, blargh! Fdsflickrtoys is crapping out on me. I am finding it difficult to make the collage of images that belongs with this post. Will you take a list instead of images? I know, boring. Also, I realize this post is kinda late. You'll soon see why. I'll try again with the mosaic-making later.

Here is my COMPLETE LIST OF FINISHED KNITTED OBJECTS from 2008 in its entirety (and of course, you could look at the old Flickr to see them all as a set):

Fiesta Mittens by Lucy Neatby (01/08)
Frivol hat (01/08)
Cabled mitts (01/08)
Ribbed green hat (01/08)
Textured cotton hand towel (01/08)
2nd frivol hat (02/08)
Rainbow skinny scarf (02/08)
Baby socks (02/08)
Baby Surprise Jacket (02/08)
One-day Beret in blue (02/08)
One-day Beret in autumnal stripes (02/08)
Stripy socks (3/08)
Bonbon cable scarf (3/08)
Anemoi Mittens (3/08)
Diamond Modular Scarf (3/08)
Wedding dishcloth (3/08)
Top down striped sweater(3/08)
Ankle socks (4/08)
Cozy Cabled Socks (5/08)
Loopy Noro hat (5/08)
Loopy Manos hat (5/08)
Striped Noro scarf (7/08)
Green cabled socks (8/08)
Yoga socks (8/08)
N&S's Wedding Blanket (9/08)
Dad's alpaca scarf (9/08)
Chevron scarf (9/08)
Woodland Shawl (10/08)
Silky Wool cardigan (10/08)
Heelless socks (10/08)
Loopy Lamb's Pride hat (10/08)
Formal Boot Bag (11/08)
Alpaca beret (11/08)
Longways Noro scarf (11/08)
Buttery cowl (11/08)
Dumpling hat (11/08)
Phiaro scarf (12/08)
Cabled wool hat for Laurie (12/08)
Just enough Ruffles (12/08)

Um, 39 projects. And ten of them are actually pairs of things (mittens, socks). Holy freaking cow, right? I'm so glad I kept a list going. Otherwise I think I would have forgotten about more than half of these. I wonder if this is the high water mark? Is this the crux of my productivity? Is it all downhill from here?

We shall soon see. Because I just got...

a Looooooom!
1st day weaving
(Knitting needles? What knitting needles? Of course I'm kidding. What I think I meant to say was, 'Thesis? What thesis?')
I love, love, love my new rigid heddle loom. It's a Flip, by Schacht, 20 inches. I agree with the masses who say it's relatively beginner friendly, but to those who say they warped theirs in 20 minutes? Ha, I say, to that. Took me dang near half a day. But worth it. I'm being cautious and using cheapo kitchen cotton to learn how it all works. It's easier to see where I've screwed up when everything is worsted weight ecru. And so far, I've screwed up plenty, but not enough to dissuade me from keeping on. It's amazing how fast it goes, this whole weaving thing. The inches just fly by.

So what did I learn in 2008, in regards to knitting?
Hmm. I learned that I love making hats in a side to side fashion (Loopy hat, Frivol, Dumpling hat). I discovered the wonderous wonders of alpaca. I learned linen stitch, got better at my short row skills, knit two sweaters of my own unventing, and increased my knitting library tenfold (it's time for a new bookshelf, I think). I definitely honed my sale-yarn instincts. I traveled with my knitting and didn't get "caught" by TSA, not even once. My stash did not decrease, but it certainly bettered itself. I gained an appreciation for good tools: I now have blocking boards, a tub for handwashing, various organizational aids, and most recently (thanks, Dad!) a swift. My very own swift! I sort of fell in love with Noro this year, as well as Cascade's Venezia worsted. I started (and almost immediately stopped) learning to hand spin. Maybe that's one for oh-nine.

I'm looking forward to this year, and I hope you'll all continue to stop by here, whether you knit or not.

Chúc mừng năm mới! Happy New Year!

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Your 2008 FO list is impressive! I aspire to complete that many in a year!

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