19 January, 2009

Two more DONE!

I am slamming out the finished accessories these days. Possibly because these days, the gym is closed and spring semester hasn't yet started at Prescott College so I apparently feel no real need to think about my thesis. I expect things to slow down soon.

In the meantime:
2 hats, 2 days
One for Chris M., one for Kenny. Each one took most of one day (Chris's on Sunday, Kenny's today). Together, they took almost one ball of Rowan Calmer and Noro Silk Garden (at first I wrote "slik garden"). The pattern is, of course, the impeccable Turn a Square by the illustrious Jared Flood.

File also under: why I love ComicLife; why I love screen shots.


chris michel said...

oooohhhh boyohboyohboy!

That looks awesome! I cannot *wait* to try it out with my fancy new scarf. okay, btw: the scarf is probably in need of a little bit of washing, and I know I'm not supposed to put it in the washer (because I don't want a stick of felt. see? I learn things!) But I forget the washing instructions you gave me: cold water and woolite in the bathroom sink? Something else?

Karen said...

You know exactly what will make people look good! Nice hats - the square top is very subtle, and very cool.

I'm on Flickr a lot.

Jessica K.. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr