25 April, 2010

Ahhh, Sunday.

(This is my "I can't believe you haven't finished knitting yourself yet!" face. Apparently my shawl was uninterested in being proactive while I was busy knitting entrelac hats for no reason at all.)

After going on wedding-related errands like crazy most of the day Saturday, and most of today as well, Ken and I are finally plopped down on the couch to cuddle up with our Hulu queues (Dr. Who for him, Community & 30 Rock for me). And of course, this means knitting time. Hooray! But it's the wedding shawl that calls out-- only 4 weeks left, and the little guy is still pretty little. Bah humbug. Will it ever end?

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Gina said...

How my Benny loves Dr. Who, just like your dear Kenny.
The shawl looks gorgeous!
Any thoughts on the phrase to grace your lovely, silky green wedding banner? Let me know--I'm hoping to get all banner orders packaged and shipped by May 1.

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