09 November, 2006

Kiss Kiss, Chop Chop

I cut my hair.

You like? I do! It took some deep breaths and rehearsed some mental reminders that hair will grow back and that it's too hot here for long hair and that besides, I don't ever really wear it down... but for the most part it was easy. I just wandered into one of the many random salons scattered along my street and showed them a few sketches that I had made, and some pictures torn out of magazines for good measure, and then enjoyed my 20 minute shampoo/scalp massage. Easy work, I tell ya. And the grand total was 110,000vd which is about $6.50. Ta da!


Anonymous said...

yes, very cute. :) i wish we could come to southeast asia for christmas! sounds lovely! i think it's up to PA for us; snow and family.

lovin u,

Karen said...

hot haircut, Jess! Woo woo!

serastar said...

You are so pretty. All the time. Gracious.

I won't be able to come to asia any time soon, so you should come and stay at my house in Denver when ever you get back.


Vann said...

Hair cut looks great. very cute.

claire said...

looks totally great bebe! the right amount of layers i think, and could work shorter or longer with the same layers.
aren't you lovely, lovey?

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