05 November, 2006

Little updates

Yesterday was the perfect Sunday: I worked early and was back in my neighborhood before noon. I went to the market and bought a big bag full of veggies, chopped garlic and chillies for under a buck. I met up with Ken back at our place and we had a great conversation about teaching while eating handfuls of crisp pomegranate seeds in our kitchen. Then we took a taxi over to our friend's parents' mansion and swam in the pool and grilled steaks until late afternoon, laughing and floating around and scheming about how what we'd like to import to the states and sell in our communities. [more about this idea later]. Then our roomates called, and we met up with them at the local sushi joint for a housemate bonding session: all five of us ate sushi and sashimi and drinks and miso and edamame for over two hours, and the total was about $9 each. We brought a board game and played until we were the only ones left in the resteraunt. Then we came back home, and I read a magazine and Kenny did some editing until we dozed off. Get better, Life: I dare you.

The dry season is coming upon us, and today the sky is pale blue with little wispy clouds, and it is hot enough to feel the sun toasting your skin (a feeling that I quite like). I've agreed to do an extended substitute thing for the language school factory that I wrote about a month ago, even though it's not the best environment, it is an extra $30 a day, which adds up. I'll be doing that in between yoga and tutoring on Weds, Thurs and Fri afternoons, which is pretty ideal: I can still do my favorite things like bike around town and meet friends for lunch, and in theory I have time to catch the bus from where I normally do in order to get up to Thu Duc district for to make with the tutoring. And it's only through December, which is also pretty ideal. Now to get back in the mindset of controlling dozens of little 4 year old bodies, while trying to establish an all-class dialogue of "Red! Yellow! Bluuuue!".

I cannot believe it's November. This is like the summer that never ends. That's exactly what I wanted.

To celebrate the new income, we're going to walk to Juice, one of my favorite breakfast places. Gotta go put my sneakers on.

If anyone is planning or dreaming about taking winter break overseas, think about coming to south east asia. The plane ticket will hurt your wallet but it's all good once you land.

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