03 November, 2006

There's a thought!

Or: We could skip town for a month and travel around SE Asia! It's Kenny's brilliant idea but it started with my idea to leave Vietnam for Christmas (Cambodia is only a four hour bus ride away, apparently) coupled with some friends' offers to come visit their home in the Phillipines coupled with K's newly arrived multiple-entry visa. Saigon is full of wonderment and opportunity and city stuff but I think by the time January draws nigh, I'll be ready to feel like a traveler again.

This weekend will be full of tutoring English, yoga, long walks on the hot streets, and hopefully a pool slash grill party, at a real Aussie's house, which means we are allowed to say "throw another shrimp on the barbie!" (though I've heard that real Australians don't say that). Ah, the start of the dry season! Bring on the daily sunburns and hot dusty winds!


Anonymous said...

Hey, it suddenly occurred to me that your sudden illnesses, coupled with the proximity of eating at a specific restaurant may be related to seafood, but not allergy. If you did indeed eat seafood at the meals in question then the fishermen they buy the fishies from may be fishing in a high mercury area. i had many a mysterious ancounter with the porcelain icon (including a night spent in not-so-silent meditation the night before my wedding) until I realized that I was allergic to swordfish. It may not be the type of fish, though, but the location of the catch, i.e. a place that the currents push together high levels of Hg.

just a sleepy thought,

Anonymous said...

no, we don't say that! ;)

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