17 February, 2007


How self-centered of me.

My usual daily internet check-in goes something like this: check the gmail, check the myspace, check the flickr, check the blog. Sometimes there are addendum: check the bank account, update my iTunes podcasts. If time allows, I travel around on one or more of these sites, letting myself float along on a internet tangent until it's time to not be online anymore.

Until today, however, when it came to checking other people's blogs, there were really only a handful that I visited. I guess I must have known that lots of people that I know in real life have blogs, but for some reason I didn't find a lot of them until this morning, when I luckily stumbled onto a UU friend of mine's blog, which captured me and left me reading for almost an hour, shaking my head in wonder at the power and naturalness of her writing style, the topics covered, the depth of insight-- it is a great blog, truly.

And of course, in her blog she references other great blogs, some of which are by people I know or have met through my occasional UU involvement (compared to these people, my involvement can only be thought of as occasional; these people are lifers who are actually doing something for the movement. Unlike myself, whose current level of dedication extends as far as trying to explain UUism to new friends in Asia who have never heard of us). One that seems full of promise is the FatGirlSlim Chronicles, by a friend of mine who is learning how to be an opera star in London.

You know, if I hadn't have left the States, I probably would be a lot more involved with this world of blogging UUs, but since moving to Asia is what led me to start my own blog, maybe not. Too much time inside has led to too much ponderous activity. It's time to go on a walk.

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