16 February, 2007

We're flyin' now!

Huh: Plugging in my computer greatly increased the wireless signal strength. Who knew?

In other news, life is great here in all-alone-in-a-big-house land. I'm doing laundry on the roof, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood recovering from last night's celebrations (there were fireworks at midnight and I could see them from the window!), and generally making big plans in my mind for the next two weeks.

On the grand to-do list: sell my bicycle, finish souvenir shopping, get my legs waxed, get a haircut. Eat at the Korean place one last time. Eat at the Indian place one last time. Sell my cellphone (right before I leave, of course).

Ah, the freedom of a not yet begun day from the comfort of a balcony with only a hot laptop for company...

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