01 June, 2007

And we're off

Well, whatever I forgot to do or take with me will just have to stay undone or untaken. I spent this afternoon on a series of short plane trips and now I'm back in the home of my youth for one short night, and tomorrow morning it's off to camp!

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go.

I actually feel really good about my packing job. The introduction of a decently medium sized backpack to my collection of Stuff has helped me to retire (at least for this summer) the ginormous plastic steamer trunk I used to lug with me every year, crammed full of every possible variation on a summer camp outfit that I could squeeze out of my closet. Well, no more! I've pared it way down, and am only taking what I really need (which is a fair amount of stuff, just considering the shoes alone: one pair of old sneakers for creek hiking, one pair of good sneakers for actual jogging and hiking, one pair of "day off" shoes, one pair of chacos, to be worn every single day, and one pair of flip flops for showering). So now that I've got my costume for tajar ball, my dozen or so t-shirts, my very few pairs of shorts, some pj's, and lots of socks & underwear, I can pack the very important things. Like yarn. And treats. And books. But not many!

So... I'm outta here for awhile. Be good, everyone.

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