28 May, 2007

I've got the Jim & Pam blues.

From Dunder Mifflin, of course.

I guess I just miss Kenny. Too many episodes of The Office, too many glances at cute pictures on the wall. Oh well. Summers go fast when you're working at camp.

In other news... I'm almost ready to leave here. I'm pretty much packed, and today I vaccumed the whole house, every single room. Two whole vaccuum bags, mainly cat hair. The rugs are now very vibrant. Tomorrow I squeeze in my last flameworking session before I have to drive my now empty oxygen tank across town and return it to the shop. Still a lot left on the old to do list, however.

Just keep working, just keep working... and then it's off to Orientation, a week of "grown-up camp" that we'll so desparately need to have in order to be ready for campers arriving. Oh my stars, I still feel so lucky to get to play with beeswax and dye and cotton all summer. Probably means little to no sunshine for me, but hey: I'll just have to use my free time wisely. And by wisely I mean lounging on the grass. Ah the tough, tough life of the modern camp counselor.


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