25 May, 2007

LOST Season 3 Finale (no spoilers)

Oh, my god.

You know, the pacing of that show is so weird sometimes. There were more than a few episodes this season where I felt like nothing got accomplished. But this season finale, the pace was a sprint and there were so, so many twists. And as a good finale should, it's left me with both a feeling of finality and like I'm hanging on a cliff. I'm really unhappy with the final reveal (which we can talk about after you all see the episode) because it's so hopeless. Like going to a pessimistic fortune teller. But that's my opinion, and therefore subjective, and thus is not a spoiler.

I have to admit to tears welling up at more than one scene. What a freaking great show.

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clairebearkiss said...

yay, someone to talk LOST with. let the conspiracy theories abound, ha.

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