23 May, 2007

One week to go...

I just realized this morning that I leave Vermont in a week and a day. How did that happen? There's a lot I want to get done this week, so that things will be "ready" when the NH clan arrives home. Two of the major things (get the entire lawn mowed and buy the yarn for my summer knitting project*) happened yesterday, so now I'm down to:
1) pack!
2) ship camp stuff to camp
3) finish the serenade songbooks
4) vaccuum up all remaining cat hair, dust/dirt, cobwebs
5) organize any of my stuff that I'm not bringing into boxes
6) replace the kitty litter
7) take all my passwords & files off of the house computers
8) generally spiff up house

I think 8 is enough for now.

*I changed my mind about the Angel hair blanket. I don't really need any new blankets, and I do want to knit this sweater. I love the idea of having a camp project (socks don't count, duh) to knit in my free time and after hours (ah, hanging out on the staff living room porch with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a pile of stitchwork in my lap! Heaven!). Here's the picture of what it will look like (but with different colors) and my color choices:

Lite Lopi Pullover by Norah Gaughan

The Shearer's Yarn from Walople, NH in lilac, grape, fur green, light green, and blue heather

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