14 May, 2007

Summer fun (somethin's begun)

I've been trying to think of a knitting project that I could work on all summer that wouldn't cost me my whole camp paycheck. In addition to our cute, cozy little yarn shop in town there's also a big box store, JoAnn's Crafts, that has an aisle or two of semi-cheap yarn (not as gross as Mall-Wart, but you definitely have to wade through all the Boucles and Chenilles), and this morning I looked up and was stunned to see that they have a whole, like ceiling shelf of this stuff:

I actually really like the colorways but when I was standing there, aware of the groceries melting in the car outside, I couldn't bring myself to buy a skein or two because I couldn't think of what to do with them. I'm not into making scarves anymore, and the fuzziness doesn't lend itself well to cables, and I wouldn't want a fuzzy sweater, but i did like the way the colors all looked thrown together on the shelf.
Then tonight when doing my requisite before-bed-blog-browsing, I saw this granny-square inspired project on Flickr, and it hit me: at 2 skeins/$4, the Angel Hair would be perfect to just grab lots of in four or five different colors, take a pair of some chunky needles, and make squares all summer long, seaming them as I go (so I'm not faced with a stack of chores at the end of the summer).

So that's it; I'm going to make a blanket! And as I'm going to be trying to teach as many counselors to knit as possible, maybe I can make it a community blanket, and as each girl or guy finishes their square, I can add it to the blanket and then more and more people will want to contribute.

Boo yeah!

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