17 May, 2007

Cozy and warm

Keto came up from Boston today and we celebrated by making a feast: sweet potato fries were my contribution (with rosemary from the backyard garden) and fried scallion pancakes with a spicy dipping sauce were her specialty. YUM. We each had a glass of white wine and are now off to bed at slightly after 9pm. Oh my god, I love chilly spring nights!

In knitting news, I got six sweaters for $30 from the thrift store downtown so that I could unravel them and recycle the yarn into new projects for a much lower price than buying new yarn. Of course, this means I have two weeks to unravel them all (yikes). But it also means that I'll have fun, practically free balls of yarn with which to practice dyeing at camp this summer. Hooray!

Off to bed.

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