16 September, 2007


Woke up this morning, realized that if we scooted the fridge over a few feet (why not? there was just blank wall there) that we would have room for a kitchen table after all. To my surprise, Kenny agreed to be driven almost to D.C. (he read law school books while I drove) so that we could shop for a table.

We ended up with a medium-sized beech wood table and two cheap-o folding chairs (that look swanky 'cause they're jet black). Also, two black plates, two bambooish place mats, a wooden bowl for fruit display, and a new quilt cover for our down blanket (the best thing we own, IMHO).

Yay for IKEA! It was my first time. I feel very cool and maybe like I'm on the verge of a new addiction. So many pretty things...

Also, I finished my sweater. Pictures by tomorrow night.

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Okay, you tried it once. Now tell me you won't ever do it again!


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