10 September, 2007

Sore arms

Somehow, my paper is finished. It's due (to be emailed) today, and I finished it last night. At a reasonable hour. Hmm. Maybe things have changed since undergrad? And I'm pretty sure this paper is going to be the hardest one I have to write, seeing as all my other "courses" are the ones I've designed to be enjoyable and interesting, and this one was the one assigned course. On something that while important and very informing was just a little bit boring. But you know what, I cranked out an 18 page paper about research methods, which is something I never thought I'd be able to do without crying. And I so did it.

Now the small problem of my AWOL advisor. I emailed a week ago just to make sure she knew I was going to be sending her my study packet electonically, but no word from the other side yet. It usually takes her a few days, but... come one, lady, today is the day! I have a feeling the entire year and a half is going to be like this. Do first impressions really hold that much truth? Am I seeing this all wrong? Rhetorical questions, y'all.

So I totally screwed up my Anemoi mitten when I tried to increase from the cuff to the mitten body. After confusing myself and making fudging sort of guesses, I realized I should just rip back and give myself a second chance. That frustrating experience was enough to make me pick up the purple sweater again, and I'm so glad I did, because after the last knit night at the Knitting Sisters, I had done enough sleeve decreases to begin the colorwork. Oh joy joy joy!

I'm writing like a zombie this morning mostly because I'm a little burned out on the laptop. Only a few more things to do (cover letter, bibliography) and I'm ready to send off the packet. Also, went to the gym and did my weight training circuit this morning (for the first time in a week? how did that happen?) and I can barely lift my arms. Shaky shaky...

Time to save and send.

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