13 November, 2007

This was such a sad day. The kids in afterschool were just so horrible to each other. Their actions made me feel this sort of disproportionate hopelessness that I know will go away as soon as they have one good day together, which may well be tomorrow, but right now my ears are ringing with shunning remarks and screaming voices. It's after a long day of school, I know they have steam to blow off, but seriously, this is Montessori school. All they've been taught is kindness and respect and patience, and somehow, every few days, they just all seem to feed off of each other and I'm in the middle of this lip-quivering accusative mosh-pit trying to calm everyone down simultaneously.

And I fell off the road on my way home and there are dishes in the sink and a paper to write and I am just so, so ready for Friday, when half of the kids don't stay after and we have this sweet, manageable little group.

Plus, a dear friend and I talked last night, and she just found out her Mom has been given one year to live. Now that's sad.


Melinda said...

Hello - just a question. I am going to Ho Chi Minh city over the christmas holidays. I was wondering whether there was anything you would recommend there for another knitting enthusiast - eg. are there any yarn shops? :)

Karen said...

Man, November 13th was a shitty day. Long-distance hug from New York; I hope today was brighter!

Melinda said...

Thanks for the tips! I am sure I will enjoy the trip, despite the sad lack of yarn shops :-)

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