31 January, 2008

Commitments, realized and unrealized

Somehow I'm stumbled into a world of self-imposed guidelines. But I like it. I'm following Weight Watchers' program (and have lost 13.6 pounds so far, which is 4 weeks, which is the incredibly speedy rate of 3.5 pounds a week, holy crap). I joined the Year Long Gift-along, which is organizing all my knitting into what needs to be finished when, and I'm also knitting purely from my yarn stash until I feel like it's down to a more reasonable level, or until my birthday in April, whichever comes first. All this order and caution... will it last?

Yesterday was Kenny's birthday, and we saw Cloverfield, which I loved. Loved. It was the perfect little movie. Scary, but not too; fascinatingly fast paced, but not overwhelmingly so; and I actually really liked the characters. They felt real to me (except Beth, in her little gold dress, but I suppose people that skinny and bronzed actually do exist, especially in Midtown Manhattan.) Tonight is my night to cook, so I'm missing the Williamsburg Stitch & Bitch, but it will be worth it to save moolah by cooking food we've already paid for rather than buying sushi again from Ukrops. Mmm, sushi. Sucks that tuna is now poisonous. Here's a photo of us from two weeks ago, taken by Bereni.

I'm at a place in my knitting where I'm finishing up lots of little projects, and would like to start something big, but the most yarn of one type that I have in my stash is 8 balls of KnitPicks Swish Superwash (worsted). Not enough to make a full cardigan, I fear. But maybe if I do 3/4 sleeves. What kind of shoulders use the least amount of yarn? I'd like to do saddle shoulders, maybe. Hmm.

In any case, socks are sure to come soon. I miss knitting socks (and it only took me a month after Xmas knitting to feel that way again).

I better hurry, since the new semester starts very soon... and then I'll have zero knitting time. Sob.

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