13 February, 2008

A boring post.

I got phlegm, you got phlegm, let's get together and use that phlegm!

No, wait, let's not. Hack, cough, blow, snort, hack: this is a sickhouse. K has mono and I have invasive and never-ending phlegm. I think that's enough for now, eh?

Work continues to be fun and challenging, grad school is getting fired back up again for a new semester, K is hard at work while being sick and tired, and we both are looking forward to the return of warm weather and bikeable days.

Lent: well, it's still going... I'm trying to be conscious of interrupting... but it's not like lents of old, where I felt the pull of the sugar addiction every day. Oh well. It'll probably get harder as I go on.

That's what she said.

Getting healthy: Still rocking out. Have lost 15.1 pounds. Have this week's weigh-in in an hour or so. Will report back if good news.

Our house is messy. Am saving up for the big cleanup party that must happen before my Mom and Step-Dad arrive for a week in March.

That's all I've got for now...

Happy Lunar New Year!

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Anonymous said...

If you're sickly, and you know it
suck your snot! (sniff! sniff!)
If you're sickly, and you know it,
and you really want to show it,
if you're sickly and you know it
suck your snot! (sniff! sniff!)

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