24 February, 2008

Paper paper paper

It turns out that after all the work I've put into this paper, I might actually be quite proud of it. PC makes you turn in your best paper from the previous semester in the form of a "qualifying packet," which proves (or disproves, I guess) that you are worthy of writing five more the following semester. I went back and reread mine tonight, as I'll be putting the finishing touches on this week (I have to add a few more pages and spiffy up my cover page, print it out in duplicate, and mail them off to the Motherland before Friday). The title is The development of a handicraft culture in the Southern Appalachian mountains, and me and the APA Style Guide have been all up in each other's laps for a good long while trying to make sure that all my indentations and quotations and notations are just as they should be. Sigh.

But by the time this baby is done, I think I'm going to almost want to show it off. Not to anyone who knows anything about the subject, of course, but... well, wait, next month I'll be at the Folk School for a week with one of my sources, Jan Davidson. Hmm. Maybe I'll bring a copy, just in case we get to talking about my studies. And the fact that I'm basically farting around in his life's work. It would be fun. Just as long as Jane S. Becker doesn't show up... she's the end-all, be-all of the scholars whose work I summarized in my paper, and she seems truly fearsome in her knowledge of and opinions about the Craft Revival.

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