20 February, 2008

Middle of Feb. update

Ah. I just led a 20 minute "vinyasa yoga" class for 4, 5, and 6 year olds. Their teacher stopped in to observe, which is always fantastic because the children are *so* much better behaved. They were so good hearted, with their little eyes closed, breathing deeply, stretching their wiggly little limbs out to the universe. Very cool. [Side note: I have learned that with these children, if you simply instruct them to "breathe deeply", they'll pant like dogs. You must say "breathe slowly" to get the desired calming effect.]

Let's see. I had a four-day weekend just now, and despite having big plans for all the things i was going to get done, I managed only to clean up around the house, finally put hubcaps on the back tires and scrape the last owner's stickers off the windows, and knit a lot. I may have organized a few things here and there, but I decidedly did not accomplish any schoolwork or my taxes. Oh, well. I did go to the library, and to pottery class, and to two yoga classes, and swam laps.

I only lost .6 of a pound this week, putting my grand total so far at 16.8 pounds lost since Jan. 1st. I'm still 2.2 away from my 1st milestone, but I'd rather have this slow, steady progress than losing a bunch really quickly and then gaining it back again just as quickly, which is the way the world works, and is also unhealthy for your organs. So. I'll just keep ticking away. Whittling, as it were.

There are at least 3 couples that I know of who will be expecting their 1st child this year, and with that motivation I've finally discovered why knitters are so fixated on baby things. They're fast. They allow you to try out new techniques without committing to huge projects. Plus, they're damn adorable when finished. Look what these lucky fetuses shall receive, once they are born:

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ), and a shorter version of the same pattern (my Baby Surprise Bolero, which I'm sure has been done thousands of times before, but is new to me).

Also, these baby socks, knit from the leftovers of the ball that made Patty's Xmas socks.

Fun! Little! Cute!

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