10 February, 2009

Well, I might actually participate in Vest-uary!

There's this world-wide knit-along going around this month, called Vest-uary... I'm starting to feel like knitbloggers will do anything if it has enough hyphens. But seriously, I didn't really think too much about it at first, since I like puffy vests and it would be hard to make a knitted puffy vest.

But then this conversation started up on the Vest-uary thread on the Stash & Burn forums on Ravelry (yep, that is a Rav link), and it seemed like the puffy vest thing might could happen if one were to get clever with some quilt batting. But what stitch pattern to appropriate a puffed look? That's where I stalled out.

Until I saw this today. Dig that wrong side--see what I'm seeing? Hmm. But I just destashed all this yarn, and I don't know what I'd use. Hmm again.

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