08 February, 2009

Words cannot express...

...how much I love Margot Bianca's etsy shop. The first time I bought something of hers, I got a set of gorgeous goldenrod-colored batiked cloth napkins for Patty & Larry. That was just this past Christmas, and I kept thinking about those napkins and how pretty they were. She really has an eye for color and pattern-spacing, and lo and behold last month she posted a new customizable section on her shop page. So, I broke down and got these:

I described to her the colors I wanted and the shades I prefer, and then picked the "seedling" pattern (her handmade batik stamps of various flora are all so lovely, it was hard to pick). I love them all except the rust (I would have preferred that it had come out deeper, but it doesn't matter since I totally have dibs on the periwinkle one--which is perfect, by the way-- next time we have guests over for dinner).

Go, go to her site and buy something new for your table or home or fabric stash. You won't regret it. Who doesn't need pretty colors in the dead of winter? I myself am talking myself out of buying a whole tablecloth dyed with that orangey-red on the top. I love that color like it's my job.

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