07 December, 2009

Look what I learned today!

Piecing out my 1st project

This morning we learned how to score and break glass. Then we learned how to foil the pieces and solder them together. And folks, that's basically all there is to stained glass! It reminds me of the wooden shapes the kids at my Montessori school like to play with. You basically cut them out, do the edges, and then get all kaleidoscopy on 'em, arranging them every which way until you find something you like. The snowflake is a little harder, since you have open spaces in the middle and it's hard to make the piece stable without bulking it up too much.

Here is my finished snowflake, all washed and hung on the wall:

Finished snowflake


The Renni said...

that is SO beautiful. You make it sound like you just connect a few dots and voila! Art in moments. I hope you get some real snow flakes when you're here in AVL for Xmas :-)

chris michel said...

oohhh pretty.

Jenni said...

I love stained glass. My aunt took a class and made all kinds of beautiful ornaments. I have to learn someday. That's a beautiful piece :)

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