12 October, 2006


Today is my half birthday. I am now closer to 26 than 25. (Whoa!)

I like the sound of 26, it has a nice ring to it. Friend Karen is leaving the realm of 26 today, and entering the next highest level. Also, today is Friday the 13th, which is cool. Tonight we board the darling sleeper train and head to the White House again. Let's hear it for crab legs on the beach! Let's hear it for trains! This time, I vow to not get sunburned.

Also, this time I have a custom made bikini (which actually doesn't fit that much better than most bikinis I buy in stores, but seeing as I can't find the one I came to Vietnam with, I reckon a somewhat ill-fitting suit is better than no suit at all.) Can't believe some of you are wearing long johns and hiking in the mountians right now. I really do miss Fall, but I don't miss being cold. I'm going to write to Corey, who is in Canada at the moment, and see if he'll try to find some apple butter to bring back to Saigon. The best thing about living somewhere else is that you develop a keen fondness for certain things about your homeland. Apple butter being one of them. And the smiling cheeks of my girl friends. Which reminds me, we have an address now... I'll send out a mass email encouraging letters and stuff. Those of you who are at WWC... go hiking for me, and buy some kale from the co-op.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I had beer and good conversation with a certain Fire we both love.

I also went hiking yesterday. The Aspens finished their tour last week, but it is still SO beautiful in the colorado hills.

Love to you.

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